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Do you have doubts?

Too embarrassed to ask public questions about religious topics?

Have questions about Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Open Theism?

Are you wondering what Arminianism and Calvinism is all about?

Are you interested in hearing some intelligent answers about religious topics versus the rhetoric of zealots?


Or perhaps you have advanced theology research needs...

Tough seminary assignments?

Need some dissertation research pointers?

Need advanced theology topics researched and summarized around a special topic?

The staff of the Ask Mr. Religion (AMR) service will privately answer any of your serious questions about religion. Our staff will provide you with clear and theologically sound written responses. Ask Mr. Religion does not engage in religious debates, nor do we represent any heretical religious groups, such as Open Theists, Mormons, or Jehovah Witnesses. All our answers are rigorously grounded in proper Biblical theological principles and doctrines derived from Scripture. The AMR service, established in 1994, is the oldest service of its kind established on the internet.

The Ask Mr. Religion service is staffed by volunteers only. NOTE: Your questions are answered at no charge, unless they are questions requiring extensive research and analysis (see below).

We will normally acknowledge receipt of your questions within 1-2 days. Ask Mr. Religion reserves the right to classify overly broad, or complex, questions requiring very lengthy responses as customized research. In these cases, we will contact you via email to discuss further. Your pay nothing for submitting your questions to us for consideration. If we cannot answer your question without significant research, we will contact you to discuss other options.

How to submit a question:

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We respect your privacy. Your name or any other identifying information will never be revealed to anyone.

Customized theology related research is also available from the AMR staff:

Over ninety-five percent of our service is derived from custom research activities for academicians, pastors, seminarians, and graduate students. The research efforts of the AMR staff have appeared in journals and other publications. If you are interested in custom theological research, when submitting your question please describe the nature of your request in your inquiry and we will send you a response, along with a quote of our fees for your research needs or a request for more information. Our minimum fee for custom research is fifty dollars (US) and progresses in similar increments up to five-hundred dollars (US) depending upon the nature of the research and the deliverable expected. For example, simple outlines or summaries of various topics will be less costly than professional journal-ready papers. All paid customized research provided by AMR is provided without restriction on how it may be used by the recipient. We make no claims on the content for copyright, nor do we ever expect to be acknowledged as contributors. In other words, you may use our work in any manner you see fit to do so and we will never require you to acknowledge our work completed on your behalf.

We respect your privacy. Your name or any other identifying information will never be revealed to anyone.

How to Pay for Customized Research (Only complete this after you receive email from the AMR staff)

After receiving your confirmation from us, submit your payment by clicking on the PayPal button below:
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Once we have received your payment our answer(s) to your question(s) will be emailed to you per the terms of our negotiated agreement.


The Ask Mr. Religion service is staffed entirely by volunteers who donate their time to provide you with theologically sound answers to your questions.

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If you are seminary trained and interested in becoming a volunteer member of the Ask Mr. Religion (AMR) service, please send email to
Note: Interested volunteers will be given a complex set of theological questions to complete in order to determine suitability.
These questions will require significant time and effort to complete, therefore only the serious need apply.